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YOWAMUSHI PEDAL (tentative title)

Original Title
Yowamushi Pedal 弱虫ペダル
Production Year
Running Time
Ren NAGASE 永瀬廉 (King&Prince) (According to my Butler)
Kentaro ITO 伊藤健太郎 (Café Funicli Funicla, Ride your wave)
Kanna HASHIMOTO 橋本環奈 (Kingdom,Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

The mega-hit sports manga, made into a live-action movie for the first time ever!

The story revolves around Sakamichi Onoda, a high school boy who loves loves loves anime. He’s not much of an athlete and doesn’t have any friends. One day, he joins the cycle racing club at school, where he unexpectedly displays talent as a bicycle racer. He finds happiness in working to exceed his limits for the friends he made for the first time and compete in the races with them. He also learns what it means to work for somebody and support somebody. This is a story of young inspiring athletes. It’s the perfect movie to watch in the year 2020, an Olympic year.