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Original Title
Jiko Bukken Kowai Madori 事故物件 恐い間取り
Production Year
Release Date
August 28, 2020
Running Time
Kazuya KAMENASHI 亀梨和也 (Joker Game, Policeman and Me)

"You'd be too scared to enter your room!!" A must watch film from HIdeo Nakata

【Stigmatized Property】A room or a house where suicide, murder, solitary death, or death by accident has taken place in the past.
A new film directed by Hideo Nakata, the master of horror films, based on a non-fiction bestseller book by Tanishi Matsubara, a Japanese comedian, about his true experience of living and moving from one stigmatized property to another.
The story is based on Tanishi's true experience. Yamame Yamano, an unsuccessful comedian starts to live in a stigmatized property when his senpai tells him that doing so could get him on TV; consequently, he moves into a room where a murder took place. When they view the film taped at the first property where he stayed, they see a mysterious white object, and notice that the audio is distorted. As the producers of the program become increasingly demanding, Yamame moves from one property to another in search of interesting cases. He encounters various mysterious phenomena and becomes famous as "The entertainer who's willing to live in stigmatized properties." What is the most horrifying property that awaits Yamame!?
The movie intricately reproduces the mysterious phenomena that Tanishi actually experienced. By doing so, viewers will surely enjoy the realistic experiences of the events. The image from the camera set inside the room by the protagonist to record the supernatural phenomena adds dynamism and reality, and effectively makes the film scarier.
What happens when you live in a stigmatized property? Don’t miss witnessing the horrifying events that actually took place there!