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KINEMA NO KAMISAMA (tentative title)

Original Title
Kinema no Kamisama キネマの神様
Production Year
Running Time
Kenji SAWADA 沢田研二(The Happiness of the Katakuris, Tora-san, the Expert)
Masaki SUDA 菅田将暉 (GINTAMA series, Love At Least, TEIICHI- Battle of Supreme High, Destruction Babies)
Mei NAGANO 永野芽郁 (TEIICHI- Battle of Supreme High, Peach Girl, Daytime Shooting Star)
Nobuko MIYAMOTO 宮本信子 (Hankyu Railway - A 15-minute Miracle, Bizan -The Mountain of Mother's Love-)

A moving story of love and tears, in which the god of cinema transcends time to work a miracle in the life of a deadbeat dad whose family have given up on him.

One of the Japanese film world’s foremost figures, Yoji Yamada, returns to the screen with his latest masterwork, based on the novel “Kinema no Kamisama” by popular multiple prize-winning novelist Maha Harada. This deeply personal work of literature, inspired by Harada’s own family and experiences, is being adapted by Yamada into a sublime work of cinema, focusing on a theme that has become synonymous with long-established film studio Shochiku through the ages: family.
Go (Kenji Sawada) is a passionate gambler but a deadbeat dad, and his wife Yoshiko (Nobuko Miyamoto) and family have given up on him. Nevertheless, there’s one thing that Go has always been wholeheartedly devoted to: movies. He and Terashin, the owner of a repertory cinema he frequents, are old friends from their days working at a film studio.
In their youth, Go (Masaki Suda) and his colleagues spent every waking moment chasing their dreams, surrounded by great directors and famous stars who represented Japan’s golden age of motion pictures. However, when Go and Terashin both fell in love with a young woman (Mei Nagano) whose family ran a diner, the wheels of fate started to wobble...
In this tale of love and friendship spanning a lifetime, the “god of cinema” that Go has worshipped since he was young will transcend time, and work a miracle in the lives of one family...