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Diary of a Beloved Wife: White Room

Original Title
White Room
Production Year
Release Date
September 23, 2006
Running Time
72 mins.
Koromo TOMOSATO (ともさと衣)
Yota KAWASE (川瀬陽太)

Sachiko and Yoshida are newlyweds, and have just moved into a newly-constructed apartment with completely white rooms. It's reasonable to expect that they would be enjoying their newlywed life, but Sachiko is refusing to go along with Yoshida's sexual demands. One day, Yoshida's junior colleague, Kato, shows him a video. Its title is "White Room: Evening Classroom Inspection," and in it a girl is shown holding a photograph of her mother against her thigh while engaged in fondling. But the astounding thing is that it is a room in their newly-constructed apartment! Yoshida stealthily takes the video home, but Sachiko sees what it contains...